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Personal Information Protection Policy

In order to clarify the organizational structure and general flow of responsibility, we are appointing both a Personal Information Managing Supervisor and Auditor to formulate the regulations on how to handle personal information, and shall implement a thorough distribution of such regulations through the orientation and training of our employees.

With regards to obtaining personal information, we will clarify and stipulate on 1) why we obtained it, and 2) the purpose of its usage. When obtaining personal information directly from the person through a written document, we will first provide a written document describing the reason as to why we need as such, and upon gaining their approval, we will obtain only what is necessary to use and be provided within the scope allowed. In addition, just in case that no personal information shall be handled beyond the scope necessary (use besides the purpose), both this policy and the “Handling of Personal Information” stipulating the purpose of use, shall be made in writing, and be distributed among the employees and made available for the general public.
The secretariat, in regards to the scope of the purpose of use, may assign another operator for information that pertains to our customers, clients, and employees. In such a case, the secretariat shall select an assignee that fully qualifies under the criteria for protecting personal information, and upon executing an agreement regarding the protection of personal information, the secretariat shall take it upon themselves to be both a manager and supervisor.
Practical safety precautions shall be taken in order to protect against unauthorized access, divulgement, ruination, and damage to personal information, as well as measures to correct such issues. In addition, in the event that an accident should occur, the person him/herself shall be immediately notified of the issue or appropriate measures shall be taken, including having said person be placed in a situation so that they may know of such an issue.
In order for the laws and regulations of the Japanese government, the policies of the Japanese government, and any other criteria regarding the handling of personal information will all be obeyed and complied with, the general process of such will be clarified by the control procedures for the related law.
In order to maintain the appropriate protection of personal information, an audit shall be implemented routinely, and the personal information protection management system shall be continuously improved upon.
Regarding any personal information that is subject for disclosure, support towards the person him/herself pertaining to the notification, disclosure, amendment of the content, addition, or deletion, prohibiting use, erasure, request to prohibit provision to a third party, complaint support and consultation shall be provided without delay upon receiving confirmation from the person him/herself at the personal information customer consultation counter.

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